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5 Competitive Analysis Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use

5 Competitive Analysis Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use Having a deep understanding of your competitor’s online marketing strategies is a big part of ensuring that new customers are finding your business or brand first. In this post, I’m going to review a few of the best paid and free competitive analysis tools that will help you identify gaps, strategies, and stay one step ahead of the competition. SimilarWeb SimilarWeb has become a staple tool for competitive analysis. This robust tool allows you to analyze multiple areas of your competitor’s online marketing strategy and compare it to your own to find gaps and opportunities. I use SimilarWeb to help me understand where I should spend my time, i.e. which channels and strategies I need to investigate further. Here are just a few examples of reports you’ll find in the free version of the tool, along with the insight you can glean from each. All Visits – use this report to see your competitor’s estimated traffic in the last 6 months from all channels. Has their traffic increased, remained stable or decreased? Regardless of the answer to the question, the next question should be why? Engagement – this report...
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5 SEO Factors to Focus on in 2015 (Plus 2 Not to Worry About)

5 SEO Factors to Focus on in 2015 (Plus 2 Not to Worry About) If you look back at the digital marketing industry prior to 2012 and compare it to what it is today, it’s fair to say that much has changed. Most of the change that has occurred in the SEO industry over the past few years has been positive and has encouraged businesses to provide a better overall user experience through design, content, and community. The way people search for products and the devices and mediums they use to find them are constantly evolving, which represent a continuous opportunity to find and reach new audiences. With this in mind, here is a look at five key areas of focus for 2015, plus two areas you shouldn’t worry about too much. 1. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Search Mobile surpassed desktop searches last year, and both searches and purchases on mobile devices will only continue to grow rapidly. Recognizing this change in searcher behavior, Google had been making a concerted effort to educate and inform webmasters on optimizing for the mobile user experience. For example, recently we have seen Google release mobile-friendly labels in mobile search results, send mass notifications regarding mobile...
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