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How to Perform Question Research in an Answer Box World

How to Perform Question Research in an Answer Box World As business owners and marketers, we know providing answers to our existing and prospective customers’ questions about our products, services, or solutions is an important part of acquiring and retaining new business. Providing easy to find, clear answers to these questions enhances the visitor experience and works to establish expertise, authority, and our websites as destinations. No one understands this better than Google. Lets rewind to September of 2013, when Google overhauled their search algorithm which was referred to as the Hummingbird update. Hummingbird represented the largest change to Google’s search algorithm in 12 years and is part of Google’s plan to become less reliant on keywords. Shortly after the release of the new algorithm,  Google searchers started noticing small answer box type results appear for various types of queries that included everything from vs. type searches to questions such as “how to boil an egg?” and “who is the Secretary of State.”  These new results showed Google directly answering searcher queries using data from its Knowledge Graph and through having a deeper understanding of the contextual meaning of webpages. So just how many answer box results are there? At...
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